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ikona programuPPEET



Simple and fast cash register for electronic sales registration


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  • sale by crown
  • sale by PLU/barcode/weight EAN13
  • sale by preset buttons
  • linked PLU *Lxxx
  • checkout/collection from the cash register
  • additional sending of receipts to eet website due to internet connection failure. After the program is started, it will check if there is a need to send additional unsent receipts. For this reason, it is a good idea not to leave the program running permanently, but to turn it off at the end of business hours.
  • keyboard control, marking with numeric keys.
  • touch control, adapted for finger operation
  • supported tablet rotation
  • adjustable appearance - size of buttons. Separate settings for landscape/ portrait mode. Demonstration in a separate video -
  • market per day/period/since last checkout
  • Market by month
  • market by day
  • market by hours
  • assortment into groups
  • unlimited number of assortments and assortment groups
  • import assortment from CSV file with structure Description;PriceMJ;VAT;Code;IDFolders
  • printing on cash register and large printer, setting the number of characters per line
  • print receipts backwards
  • recording a receipt without EET
  • distinguishing cash receipt for invoice payment. Non-tax document is printed without VAT breakdown
  • financial buttons for VAT payers. Can be disabled by right-clicking on an item or group
  • flag for invoice payment. No tax document is issued, but only a non-tax document without VAT breakdown.
  • custom definition of financial buttons
  • return an item (negative quantity) using the return button
  • multiple installation of the program on one computer. 2 different IDs can be operated
  • use of PPEET as an external program for EET. Start the program with a text file with the extension .ppe, in which can contain multiple entries of a new document. Suitable for connection to existing information systems that do not support EET but are able to create a text file with the given structure.
  • Records of used goods for EET in the VAT regime according to § 90 of the VAT Act.
    For the sale of second-hand goods at the standard rate, the code #P1 with a space at the end should be inserted at the beginning of the item name, e.g. #P1 Car Škoda Fabia registration number AA 11 22
    To sell used goods at the first reduced rate, insert the code #P2 at the beginning of the item name with a space at the end, e.g. #P2 item AA
    For the sale of second-hand goods at a second reduced rate, the code #P3 should be inserted at the beginning of the item name with a space at the end, e.g. #P3 item BB
    The VAT percentage is always set to 0%.
  • display the operator number on the receipt. Procedure for changing the attendant:
    • enter the new operator number in the main window
    • Button /F/Change operator/
  • Document Left, available under the /F/Document Left/ button. It is applied to all items of the document, can be used at any time during the document acquisition. Entry method : the percentage discount is entered on the keyboard or using the buttons and then the /F/Discount/ button is used.
  • Discount item, available under the /F/Discount item/ button. Entry method : the percentage discount is entered on the keyboard or by using the buttons and then the /F/Discount item/ button is used. A new document item is created with the text Discount xx %, where xx is the entered discount percentage. The discount amount applies to the current document item when the discount is created.
  • VDF-200 or ESC/POS MODE compatible customer display support. Settings are made in /F/Settings/Receipt/. If the settings are changed, the program must be restarted.
  • - Support for payment terminals from Global Payments Europe, s.r.o. Turning on the payment terminal in PPEET :
    • Press /F/Settings/ tab Payment Terminal, check GPE Terminal
    • Further terminal settings are contained in the c:checkout-pro-eetEcrCfg.ini
    • file.
    The terminal closure is available in the /F/Settings/ menu under the Payment Terminal tab.
Product details of PPEET
Licensefree to try
Producer  (software list)Ing. Martin Pavlas
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