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Hotel & Penzion

Hotel & Penzion 2.2 p1.23


Customer account management, cash desk and central administration of the hotel, guesthouse


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Hotel & Guesthouse is a system that manages completely customer accounts, cash register and central administration of the hotel or guesthouse. You not only have reservation management (a competent reservation system, including a room occupancy planner), but also collaboration features. Collaboration is used for communication between the different staff layers of the company.

Newly integrated into the system is support for the Cashier system, which is provided free of charge with the hotel license for the first year. This allows you to issue a bill to guests. All with full support for electronic sales records (EET).

This allows you to give cleaning, maintenance or room shutdown instructions from reception at any time. Similarly, it is possible to give instructions to restaurant staff etc. from the reception. The system is clear, designed to make operation as intuitive as possible. The system supports touch screen control, communicates with you also by sound (voice synthesis, navigation in Czech). It is possible to use printouts on a conventional, cash register and fiscal printer. At any time you have a graphical overview of the status of the rooms with their location in the building.

The status is always up-to-date and is colour-coded. If the status changes, the status is immediately visible. The window with the current overview can also be docked on a second screen if you have a multi-screen mode of operation (a single PC with two monitors is sufficient for this). This way, the overview is displayed independently even when you are working with other parts of the application on the second screen, or even with other PC applications. The system fully cooperates with the Bar & Restaurant program, which is also from our production (both systems can share output data, so you can also have the guest's account at the reception desk in the restaurant, etc.). The hotel maintenance (technical building management) and cleaning crew have their own program with information about requests made from the reception.

When a room is closed, the room is automatically entered for cleaning and, in the event of a reported breakdown, for maintenance. For this purpose, it is possible to print cards for the staff with instructions (e.g. list of rooms to be cleaned). From the main application, it is also possible to monitor cameras located around the building and outside. There is also a separate application serving the security service for this purpose. It is also possible to book a TAXI at the touch of a button. The connection to the arranged taxi service is individual. Communication channels can be used in the form of WWW (a form is automatically filled in), SMS (the system sends an SMS to the taxi number in a preset form), telephone (a telephone number connected to your desk phone is dialed, or voice synthesis is used) or e-mail. There are many possibilities.

Product details of Hotel & Penzion
Licensefree to try
Version   2.2 p1.23
Limitations15 minutes of operation per start-up, blocking of some functions
Producer  (software list)Radek Hemelík
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Supported languageEnglish
Date of publication
Downloads a week7
All downloads395
Rating of LimeDownload.com51
Operating system
Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
File size37,54 MB
Minimum configurationAdobe Acrobat Reader
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