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• New releases

HotBin   FREE 

Open or empty the Recycle Bin using the icon in the notification area

YoutubeDownloader 1.12.2   FREE 

Allows you to retrieve videos and audio files from YouTube

LightBulb 2.5.3   TIP    FREE 

Gamma Image Customization

cherrytree 1.1.3   TIP    FREE 

Working with text and managing notes


Designing WordPress themes

Sweet Home 3D 7.4   TIP    FREE 

Excellent interior design app - absolutely free!

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• New downloads

Code:Backup 2.5.4524.14632   FREE 

Creating backups

Gamepad Map 6.3.2   FREE 

Setting the buttons on the gamepad

Serial Printer Logger 3.2.0

Monitoring the Needle Printer Port Activity

Steam Cleaner 2.4   FREE 

Cleaning up leftover files from removed games

Steam Cleaner - N 2.4   FREE 

Cleaning up leftover files from removed games

WP Express 1.3.6

An easy way to install and test WordPress

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