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SEG-D Viewer

SEG-D Viewer 1.1


Seismic viewer with SEG-D support


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 SEG-D Viewer

SEG-D Viewer is a seismic viewer that allows you to view and analyze data files in SEG-D format. This format is the standard format for storing seismic data and is used by industry worldwide. The SEG-D Viewer supports all versions of the SEG-D format, including versions 0, 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1 and others.

The SEG-D Viewer offers a wide range of features for displaying and analyzing seismic data. You can view routes, images, 3D models and more. You can also perform measurements and data analysis. SEG-D Viewer is a utility that helps you extract information from seismic data.

Here are some of the features of SEG-D Viewer:

- View Routes. You can display route headers, route dates, and other information.

- Snapshot View. You can display force snapshots, speed snapshots, and more.

- View 3D models. You can display 3D underground models, 3D structure models and more.

- Measurement and data analysis: You can perform measurements and data analysis from SEG-D format data files. For example, you can measure distances, angles, and velocities. You can also analyze the data using various methods.

SEG-D Viewer is a utility that helps you extract information from seismic data. If you are working with seismic data, SEG-D Viewer is a tool you should consider.

Product details of SEG-D Viewer
Version   1.1
Producer  (software list)David Cheng
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Windows 10
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