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ikona programuPradávný odkaz 3: Strom zkázy - Sběratelská edice


This fantasy adventure game offers stunning graphics and unique puzzles.


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The search for a cure to a mysterious virus takes a young scientist, Diana, beyond the borders of our world.

On the unexplored archipelago of the White Wing, the research group has found much more than they originally expected. They have discovered an artifact that finally confirms the existence of the mythical cult of the Wolf Queen. But by taking it away, they have introduced a deadly virus into the modern world, carried by a mysterious insect, the strange golden fly. Humanity's future is on the brink of ending as the only effective cure seems to lie beyond our world.

About The Doom Tree

  • Fantasy adventure game with travel to parallel worlds
  • Game twists and exploration of other civilizations
  • 30 illustrated locations
  • About 40 unique minigames and puzzles
  • 4 game modes with varying difficulty
  • Collectible edition only:
  • bonus story,
  • extra minigames and puzzles,
  • downloadable wallpapers and soundtrack,
  • collectibles and awards,
  • game guide

Diana may be the only person on Earth who can obtain this cure. For she is one of the descendants of initiates - people capable of opening gates to other worlds. Fate, or perhaps someone's pre-arranged plan, wanted Diana to be a direct participant in all of this. Help her find the valuable knowledge of the cult's priests and open a portal to a completely different world. An arid and dead one. Expect impressively illustrated scenery and dozens of fun mini-games and puzzles to crack.

Product details of Pradávný odkaz 3: Strom zkázy - Sběratelská edice
Licensefree to try
Limitations30 minutes of play
Producer  (software list)Špidla Data Processing
Product page
Date of publication
Downloads a week0
All downloads0
Rating of LimeDownload.com50
Operating system
Windows 7/8/10/11
File size2,21 MB
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