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Amoriax 4.9

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Tactical game based on Roman board games


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Amoriax (or "Prey" in Czech) is a classic board game where the goal is to capture the crown in the middle of the board through tactical maneuvers.

Playing stones are only moved around the board, that is - they do not skip or discard.

The game has the following rules:

  • A playing stone can only be moved to the last possible square in the chosen direction.
  • Outside the marked central area, the stone can be moved in an L-shape (like a knight in chess).
  • The playing stone can be dragged from the full corner to the opposite corner diagonally, as long as there is an empty square.
  • The red stone is shared by both players and can be dragged by anyone.
  • The object of the game is to control the center of the board. Therefore, the first player to control the center square with the crown wins.

This is a classic board game based on the principles of old Roman board games. Moving the stones appropriately and combining them creates a plethora of variations and tactical situations, where just using tempo, blocking, and the cooperation of the stones with each other allows the player to work towards a winning strategy while thwarting the opponent's strategy. Unique is the element of a common red stone that can be drawn by both players and thus can influence the tactics on both sides. The red stone can help one player one time and the other the next, and its existence must be taken into account in every situation.

The stones can also be randomly shuffled at any point in the game. You can choose between 3 levels of intelligence. The game also allows a game between two human opponents or for practice moves.

Product details of Amoriax
Version   4.9
Producer  (software list)zxretrosoft
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