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DIVE 1.9.3


Annotating a video or sequence of frames allows you to label and describe individual parts of the video


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DIVE is a powerful video annotation software that allows users to quickly and easily add annotations to videos and image sequences. DIVE supports a wide range of annotation types, including frames, polygons, lines and text annotations. Annotations can be added to videos and image sequences in a variety of formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI and TIFF. DIVE also offers integration with VIAME computer vision analytics tools, allowing users to easily create and analyze data from videos.

DIVE is ideal for researchers, scientists, and other users who need to annotate videos and image sequences. DIVE is also a powerful tool for creating interactive video presentations and e-learning materials.

Here are some examples of how DIVE can be used:

- Annotating videos for research purposes, such as tracking the movement of objects or human behavior.

- Annotating videos for an educational purpose, for example, to create an interactive video presentation on a specific topic.

- Annotating videos for an industrial purpose, for example, to perform quality control on a manufacturing process.

Product details of DIVE
Version   1.9.3
Producer  (software list)Kitware
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Supported languageEnglish
Date of publication
Downloads a week0
All downloads1
Rating of LimeDownload.com40
Operating system
Windows 7/8/10/11
File size134,93 MB
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