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xEyedropper 1.1


Getting pixel color from the screen in different formats


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xEyedropper is a color recognition tool that is ideal for web developers, designers. With xEyedropper you can easily get color codes from anywhere on the screen and use them in your projects.

xEyedropper is very easy to use. Just click on the "Get Color" button and then click on the location on the screen from which you want to get the color. xEyedropper automatically detects the color and displays its code in HTML, HEX or RGB format.

xEyedropper also allows you to edit colors. You can change the brightness, saturation and hue of a color. You can also add a grayscale to a color or darken it.

xEyedropper is a great tool for anyone who needs to get or edit colors. It is a free and open source program that you can download from the xEyedropper website.

Here are a few more features of xEyedropper:

- Support for various color modes including RGB, HEX, HSL and HSV

- Ability to save colors to history

- Ability to share colors with other users

- Integration with various graphic editors

xEyedropper is a powerful and easy to use color recognition tool. It is ideal for web developers, designers and artists. If you need to get or edit colors, xEyedropper is a great choice.

Product details of xEyedropper
Version   1.1
Producer  (software list)xCONFLiCTiONx
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