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Pexeso - G - Hendikepovaní - nevidomí

Pexeso - G - Hendikepovaní - nevidomí 1.4


Pexeso for the blind


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Pexeso is a traditional game that is popular with people of all ages. It's a great way to have fun, exercise your memory and logical thinking. Pexeso for the Blind is specially designed to be accessible to people with visual impairments. The cards are made of a thick material that is easy to feel, and each card is embossed with a pattern. This allows blind players to easily recognize the cards and play the game just like sighted people.

Pexeso for the Blind is available in a variety of difficulty levels so that people of all ages can enjoy it. For young children, simple games with a few cards are available. For older children and adults, games with more cards and more challenging patterns are available. Pexes for the Blind is a great way to entertain and educate people with visual impairments.

It allows people with visual impairments to engage in fun and activities with their friends and family.

Product details of Pexeso - G - Hendikepovaní - nevidomí
Version   1.4
Producer  (software list)Róbert Mesároš
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Supported languageSlovak, English
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