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Google Closure Compiler

Google Closure Compiler 20161201


Improves performance, size and security of JavaScript files


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 Google Closure Compiler

Google Closure Compiler is a tool that optimizes JavaScript files for faster script execution. It is a true compiler that converts JavaScript into optimized and faster JavaScript.

The compiler first parses the code, which means it breaks it down into its basic components. Then it parses the code, which means it examines it to see what it does. Finally, the compiler rewrites or minimizes the code, which means it simplifies it and removes necessary parts.

The compiler also checks the syntax of the code and warns of common JavaScript pitfalls.

The compiler requires a Java runtime environment and can be run from the command line.

Here are some of the benefits of using Google Closure Compiler:

- Fast script runtime: the compiler can significantly speed up the runtime of a script by removing necessary code sections and optimizing the code.

- Smaller script size: the compiler can reduce the size of a script by removing comments and blank lines.

- Code safety: The compiler can highlight potential security issues in the code.

Product details of Google Closure Compiler
Version   20161201
Producer  (software list)Google Labs
Product page
Supported languageEnglish
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All downloads0
Rating of LimeDownload.com50
VirusTotal checkCheck of the day 12.07.2024, the file is 100% virus free
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Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
File size6,18 MB
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