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ikona programuExcel File Splitter

Excel File Splitter

Splitting an Excel file into individual parts


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 Excel File Splitter

Excel File Splitter is a tool that allows you to split an Excel file into parts according to a specified number of words or number of characters. This is useful if you need to translate a file into multiple languages, as you can pass the different file parts to different translators. After translation, you can merge the files back into one file.

Excel File Splitter works with XLS and XLSX formats. It is easy to use and available for free.

Here are the steps on how to use Excel File Splitter:

1. Open the Excel file you want to split.

2. In Excel File Splitter, select the criteria you want to split the file according to. You can split by word count or by character count.

3. Enter the number of words or characters by which you want to split the file.

4. Click the "Split" button.

Excel File Splitter will split your file into parts and save them in a new folder.

After the parts have been translated, you can merge the files back into one file.

To merge the files again, open Excel File Splitter and select "Merge".

Product details of Excel File Splitter
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