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Calibration and characterization of displays using ArgyllCMS


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DisplayCAL is a free and open source screen calibration and profiling tool. It is based on ArgyllCMS, an advanced color management system. DisplayCAL offers a number of features, including:

- Screen Calibration. This is useful for photographers, graphic designers and other users who need accurate colors for their work.

- Screen Profiling:DisplayCAL can create a profile for the screen that can be used to improve color reproduction in other applications. This is useful for users who want their screen to reproduce colors with greater accuracy in all the applications they use.

- Support for different types of display devices. This ensures that the colorimeter measures colors with greater accuracy.

- Display DC check: DisplayCAL can check the DC of a display device. This ensures that the display reproduces colors with greater accuracy across its entire surface.

- Creating Synthetic ICC Profiles:DisplayCAL can create a synthetic ICC profile. This is useful for users who need a profile for a screen that is not supported by any of the predefined profiles.

Product details of DisplayCAL
Producer  (software list)Florian Hoch
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