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Cweed4 0.2


Prettifier can improve the readability and structure of C source code


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Cweed4 is a tool that is used to format source code in C. It is a prettifier, which means that it gives the code a more aesthetic look and makes it easier to read. Cweed4 also generates a report with file statistics, which can be useful for identifying problem areas in the code.

Cweed4 is a non-destructive tool, which means it does not modify the original code. The code is only formatted and a statistics report is generated in a separate file. This allows users to choose whether to accept or reject the code changes.

Cweed4 is a useful tool for programmers who want to improve the readability of their code. Cweed4 can also be useful for teachers and students who are learning to program in C.

Here are some of the benefits of using Cweed4:

- Code is easier to read and understand.

- Code is less prone to errors.

- Cweed4 can identify problem areas in code.

- Cweed4 is a non-destructive tool, so users can choose to accept or reject changes to their code.

If you are looking for a tool to help improve the readability of your code, then Cweed4 is a good choice.

Product details of Cweed4
Version   0.2
Producer  (software list)Howerd
Product page
Supported languageEnglish
Date of publication
Downloads a week0
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Rating of LimeDownload.com20
Operating system
Windows 7/8/10
File size2,89 MB
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