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FOCA 3.0


Presentation of website metadata


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FOCA (Fingerprinting Organizations with Collected Archives) is a tool for scanning web pages and discovering metadata and other hidden information. FOCA allows you to search for metadata in documents (web pages) such as file names, creation date, author, version, and more. FOCA can also search for hidden information in documents, such as comments, logins, and more.

To use FOCA, you must first create a project. A project is a set of settings that determines what FOCA will scan and how it will scan. Once you have created a project, you can scan the website. FOCA will display a list of metadata and hidden information that has been found on the web page.

FOCA is a program that can be used to retrieve information from web pages. FOCA can be used for security purposes such as scanning a website for potential threats. FOCA can also be used for marketing purposes, such as scanning websites for information about competitors.

Here are some tips for using FOCA:

- Create a project for each website you want to scan.

- Specify the exact domains you want to scan.

- Select the types of metadata and hidden information you want to scan.

- Let FOCA scan the website slowly to find as much information as possible.

- Use FOCA to scan websites that are important to you.

Product details of FOCA
Version   3.0
Producer  (software list)ElevenPaths
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Windows 7/8/10
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