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Autopark 2023.10.04 START


The Autopark system is designed for managing company fleet


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Use the Autopark - Driving Book software to quickly and easily create a driving book for your company, private or rental vehicle.

The program allows you to reconstruct the logbook for the past years up to the present according to the current legislation. Simply enter your regular journeys (specify the route and purpose of the journey, the frequency of use of the journeys in percentage, the period of occurrence of the journey, in the case of a company vehicle you enter the dates and places of filling up with petrol, etc...), specify the period and days of the week when the vehicle was not used, and the wizard will guide you step by step through the compilation of the logbook - you enter the period of the year and the number of missing km you want to reconstruct. And before you finish your coffee, your vehicle's logbook is ready and you can print it out on any printer. What's more, you can customise the look of the printed logbook to your liking - you can specify the widths of the columns, easily exclude unnecessary data from the printout, choose to print in landscape or portrait format. One of the many other features of the program allows you to insert sample rides in bulk using the annual calendar - so you can insert rides for up to fifty days of the year in a moment. In the program you can also keep track of other vehicle expenses (oil purchases, spare parts, servicing, etc.), monitor consumption and statistics for all other data for individual months and for the whole year. You'll also benefit from the Scheduler, which automatically alerts you to service dates, stk, tire replacement, leasing, compulsory liability, etc. Users of payment fuel cards (Agip, ArmexOil, Benzina, BOROO, CCS, DFC, DKV,, EuroOil, EUROWAG, FuelOmat, KM-PRONA, LeasePlan, LUKOIL, OMV, Premid, Shell, SILMET and Slovnaft) can retrieve data in electronic form, which is automatically sorted into phm purchases and other expenses of individual vehicles. Similarly, data from the most widely used GPS online/offline systems can also be retrieved. In short, this program does everything you need for a convenient and fast logbook.

With the Autopark - Travel Orders software you can create a domestic or foreign travel order very conveniently and quickly.

The program calculates domestic and foreign meal and pocket allowances, calculates advances, can work with foreign currencies and can also calculate compensation for the use of private and rental vehicles. One of the many functions of the program allows you to copy a travel order to another day, which you can use for the same or similar trips. In addition, you can copy any travel order for another employee who has made the same business trip, making it unnecessary to recreate the same travel order. Of course, the program can copy any trips directly from the trip book to the travel order and vice versa. There are also many useful databases such as domestic and foreign meal rates, fuel price trends, basic compensation and many others. It is also possible to download current foreign currency exchange rates directly from the Internet, from the Czech National Bank server. After automatic billing, the program prints a perfect and nice looking travel order in the standard form you know from practice.

Detailed Maps of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Europe can be used for quick and comfortable calculation of route distances and map display. Entering the route and calculating the km is very simple and intuitive. It is possible to make a normal verbal route entry (e.g. Prague, Brno, Prague) and leave it to the program to find the corresponding distance in km, or it is possible to build a route from arbitrarily selected points directly on the map. It is also possible to create your own database of user objects for this purpose. The maps are displayed in a separate window, so it is possible to enlarge them to full screen or as required. All Maps are prepared in cooperation with the renowned company, s.r.o. and are continuously updated. The START version is used by the user to test the program. Data taken in this version can be used in the live version of the program after purchase and continue working!

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Version   2023.10.04 START
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